Basic Metals, Inc. (BMI) began in 1980 as a division of Components International Ltd. Don Fogel was hired as the first and only employee. His first investment was a 36-inch Paxton slitter and the hiring of BMI’s second employee to operate the slitter.

In 1983, Todd Fogel, Don’s son joined Basic Metals and the company’s business as a metals service center really began to take shape. Two years later, Don and Todd purchased the assets of BMI from Components International to become sole owners of Basic Metals. That same year BMI moved to Germantown, Wisconsin where they leased 6000 square feet of space in a multi-tenant building to expand their operations.

Basic Metals


Over the next 10 years, Basic Metals continued to grow by entering the aluminum circle business, installing a 60-inch cut-to-length line and a 12 foot shear to increase their metals market penetration. All of the investments made by BMI provide our customers with expanded aluminum sheet and aluminum coil offerings. As a result, a 36,000 square foot facility was built in July 1995 to increase the aluminum service center capacity to accommodate our customer’s requirements.

In late 1998, the 72-inch Red Bud cut-to-length line was installed to keep in step with our customer’s needs. In the spring of 1999, Todd Fogel bought out Don Fogel to become the sole owner of Basic Metals, Inc.

A 44,000 square foot addition was added to the Germantown facility in the summer of 2003. This addition provided room for additional storage capabilities as well as room for the installation of a new 60″ Red-Bud slitting line.

In 2004 Basic Metals added warehousing capabilities in Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis location provides Basic Metals with the opportunity to better serve our customers aluminum sheet, coil, and circle needs in the Southeastern United States.

In July of 2015, Basic Metals purchased a 26,000 square foot facility in Goodyear, Arizona. The new facility features state of the art Red Bud cut-to-length equipment. Goodyear’s location provides Basic Metals with the ability to meet customer aluminum needs in the Arizona, California and Nevada markets. The new Goodyear facility positions Basic Metals as a premier aluminum distributor in a growing market.

Basic Metals